Edmonton Reggae Festival Group

About Us

Edmonton Reggae Festival Society (ERFS) is proudly non-profit since 2014. We created Edmonton’s original reggae festival.

We are excited to see the love of this joyful Caribbean music growing in our city. More events are springing up every year. The Key ingredient that makes ERFS so special is our unique commitment to the community. It is second only to our drive to share the best music with a growing reggae audience.

Our unique commitment to the community

Edmonton Reggae Festival society provides a response and systematic approach and strategies to critical needs of Albertan communities to bridge the gap between reggae music and culture in terms of wellness of elders and youth through educational workshops, advocacy, events, sports programs and music festival.


We invite top-notch international reggae artist to our stage. All the while, we nurture local emerging talent.

Our vision brings people together in the sprite of reggae music and culture. We especially love to encourage youth to perform in a professional production, often on the same bill as established artist. We want to help our young performers to find the magic in working together creatively.

We welcome your participation!


Provide Valuable product and services

Within 12 months we intend to have a downloadable magazine to advertise musicians and businesses of all nations

Free Monthly Food Hampers

We are working towards having a food truck where we could give free hampers to families, elders and single mothers of low income due to the high rise of food in Alberta.

Edmonton Reggae Mural Lane Project

This is a long-term project where we will love to have a site where an Artist will design the Edmonton Reggae Lane as a memorial of this music genre but also become a leisure site for people visiting Alberta.

As a non-profit organization, we offer an opportunity for you to become involved.

Volunteer with us.

We appreciate the gift of donation as well.

Make sure you stay in the know.

Join our mailing list and follow us on social media for fun facts, celebrations of reggae, and updates on ERFS events and activities.

We thank you for your support!