Edmonton Outdoor Survival Guide

Edmonton Outdoor Survival Guide

H20: Drink lots of water and take shelter in shady areas whenever possible to avoid heat stroke. Make sure you check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

Sun Block: Use Regularly according to recommended dosage.

A Hat or Visor: Ensure you wear proper head gear to protect your eyes and head from sun and lower the possibility of heat stroke.

Shades: Remember to wear sunglasses with UV protection to guard your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

A camera: You won’t want to miss a moment of Edmonton reggae Festival 2023.

An Umbrella: Rain or shine, you will be happy you brought it.

Fold up chairs or blanket: seating on grass.

Comfortable shoes: Come prepared for an action-packed day of walking, dancing, and bouncing. Your feet will thank you later.

Your appetite: The Reggae village will be brimming with delicious food for various vendors. Let your senses guide you to mouth-watering island food!

Travel Pack: You should bring a small Purse or backpack to hold money, Valuables, and any other essentials you may need.